Small Claims Court Services

Small Claims Court Trials

At Small Claims Court Trial, the parties present the evidence in form of oral testimony, exhibits and affidavits to prove their claim or defence to the Small Claims Court Trial Judge. During Small Claims Court Trial, the lawyers cross-examine other parties witnesses and provide the trial judge with a summary of law.

The preparation for the Small Claims Court Trial should be commenced at least when the party prepares her Plaintiff's Claim or the Defence. Well prepared court documents make it much easier for the trial judge to understand the issues and argument at trial. It is important to involve a lawyer at the time of the preparation of your pleadings to guarantee that there are no mistakes in the court documents that can turn your trial into a disaster.

It is important to keep your argument focused and to present only those facts that are relevant to your Small Claims Court trial. Also, you should be prepared that the other party's lawyer may oppose introduction of some of your documents at the trial.

After the Small Claims Court Trial Judge hears all the evidence and the lawyers' submissions, the judge delivers a Small Claims Court Trial Judgment. The judgments from Small Claims Courts Trials can be appealed to the higher courts.

The Lawyer normally charges one-time fee for the representation at Small Claims Court Trial. Depending on the complexity and length of the trial, the lawyer's fee usually vary between $1000 and $1500. The fee includes the research, preparation for the trial, preparation of the client and the witnesses for the trial testimony, preparation of Small Claims Court Trial documents and attendance of one Small Claims Court Trial.

Please schedule an appointment with the lawyer to discuss the representation at your Small Claims Court Trial.