Small Claims Court Services

Adjournment of Small Claims Court Motion, Settlement Conference or Trial

To adjourn (move to the subsequent date) a Small Claims Court motion, settlement conference or trial, you need to facilitate all parties consent and file the consent with the court. Alternatively, you can attend the hearing date and ask the court for adjournment. If you do not have a sufficiently valid reason for Small Claims Court adjournment, the court may refuse to grant you an adjournment, and/ or may require you to pay legal costs to the other party.

Small Claims Court Lawyer's Fees

Preparation of Small Claims Court Form (where the client facilitated all parties's consent) and filing the form with the Small Claims Court

$150+ 5% GST

Attendance of a Small Claims Court hearing with instructions to adjourn (where the client is unable to facilitate the consent).

$300 + 5% GST